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Welcome to CommBoards AAC app

Helping your child communicate

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Fun to use, easy to learn

From small tips and an in-app walkthrough to get you started, to YouTube tutorials, using CommBoards is as easy as 1,2,3!

Advanced admin area

Protected by a renewing password, the admin section allows the parent to add new cells and categories, edit existing ones, and change board layouts.

This is personal

CommBoards was born as a side-project meant to help our close friend whose child was diagnosed with ASD. We decided to create an app tailored to the child and parent’s needs, and share it with the world.

Who are we

How it works


Communication via image cards

CommBoards helps children and adults with various verbal communication difficulties to communicate with the world around them.

The words on the cards are spoken out loud on tap, allowing the user to create sentences.

Make it your own

  • Unlimited creation of new categories and cells.

  • Record your voice and associate it with any cell.

  • Choose images from the image bank or use the device's camera or gallery to add your own.

How it works

“I can't describe how amazing this app is. My son is select mute, we have struggled for years trying to communicate with teachers and peers. So amazing thank you so much!!”


—  Judy F, Google Play

“As a person diagnosed with Primary Lateral Sclerosis-PLS in 2012 I'm slowly losing my voice and this would help me a lot with communicating with my family, friends and people in general.”


—  Karen G, Google Play

“Finally a communication boards app for the masses! I already have one addicted patient. The team are very responsive and listens to feedback. I recommend warmly.”


—  Sharon S, Facebook

Get CommBoards today!

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